PepOSX   |  Peptidomics exploration

PepOSX , a  professional  assistant for peptidomics 

Focusing on the free peptide identification, equipped with a robust sample manager and multiple identification engines, supporting cross-sample identification, XIC view, source sequence analysis, PI, hydrophobicity analysis, and bioactive peptide matching.


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multiple engines | 多引擎

Equiped with Exhaust, Search and AIDenovo (developing) engines, focusing on free peptide identification.

配备Exhaust, Search and AIDenovo (调试中)引擎,专注游离多肽鉴定。

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Identify peptides across samples | 跨样品鉴定多肽

Identify peptides from across samples with integrated XIC, track the variation.


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Sequence Analysis | 序列分析

Sequence statical analysis to look for the target peptides.


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More you want | 更多

XIC、PI、Gravy、Bioactivity analysis               


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Serve more than 40 research groups


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ZHeJiang University, Jilin University, South China University of technology, Chinese academy of sciences, etc..



Research Paper, please cite the work as : 

[1] Liu, W., Zhao, M., Gan, L., Sun, B., He, S., Liu, Y., Liu, L., Li, W., Chen, J., Liu, Y., Zhang, J.*, & Xu, J.* (2024). PeposX-Exhaust: A lightweight and efficient tool for identification of short peptides. Food Chemistry: X, 101249.


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Patents, 授权发明专利:

[1] 一种基于贝叶斯评价和序列搜库的多肽组学鉴定方法及其应用,ZL202210150460.7已授权

[2] 一种基于多肽长度的短肽组学鉴定方法及其应用,202210151752.2,已授权。

Relavant works:

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